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our Mission

Mawah-Gh, meaning "Help Ghana," was founded by Enoch Glover, a compassionate individual with strong ties to Nuhalenya. Over the past two years, Enoch has been actively involved in uplifting this community, and now, with the establishment of Mawah-Gh, his mission has grown bigger and more impactful.



                              Projects in Focus

School and Community Infrastructure: We believe education is a key catalyst for change. Mawah-Gh is working towards building and improving school facilities in Nuhalenya, providing a better learning environment for children and empowering the community at large.

Shoe Drive for Students and Teachers: Basic necessities like shoes often stand between children and their education. Our ongoing shoe drive aims to provide footwear to students and teachers, ensuring that no one is left behind due to the lack of a simple yet essential item.

Well Construction Project: Access to clean water is a fundamental human right. Mawah-Gh is gearing up for its next project—a well construction initiative that will not only quench the community's thirst but also promote health and hygiene.

Community Farming & Sustainance: We are committed to long-term sustainability. By establishing a community farm, we aim to provide the residents of Nuhalenya with a valuable resource, fostering self-sufficiency and resilience.



                                                          Why Nuhalenya?

Nuhalenya is a community in need, and your support can make a significant impact. Enoch's personal connection to the area, combined with the dire circumstances faced by women and children, fuels our determination to bring about positive change. Your contribution will directly contribute to building a brighter future for Nuhalenya.

Our Team

We Do What We Do Because Someone Has to Care Enough To!

Enoch Nii Dotey Glover
Antoinette Telfort
Dr. Tara Glover
Vice President
Damionne Noble
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