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Visit Accra Field Trip

Many of these children will live and die in their village of Ada without setting foot in the Capital of Accra, which is 2.5 hours away. Their first field trip, we took all 140+ children to Accra to experience life outside of the village.


Yearly School Supplies

Many  and close to 98% students start the school year without school supplies. We provided school essentials and text books for the school. A eyarly tradition here at MawahGh.


School Sneakers

MawahGH teamed with Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Hospital and BBraun Medicals as well as ScalpCarolinas and many other donors to furnish over 200 brand new sneakers for the students and faculty.


Build A Library

In partnership with another foundation and many other donors, we were pivotal in funding for a library for the school kids.


Prep for BECE Exams

The BECE is a standardized test taken before one can get to the equivalent of high school. MawahGh funded for a field trip for the graduating students to prepare for their exams. 


Uplift Classroom

Having a suitable classroom for lessons is key. We took on the project of the sandy floors and providing erase boards.

JPEG image-4456-B712-90-0.jpeg


Key essentials such as back packs was needed. We furnished backpacks for the students


Upcoming Projects


School Supplies


Build a Classroom


Renovate School Toilet


Well Water Into Community


Teachers Quarters

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